California Computer Recycling

California Computer Recycling and Electronics Disposal

Since 2003, when California made dumping computers and other electronic items in landfills illegal, Californians have had to find other alternative methods of getting rid of these products. While the state government has a website that can be used to locate resources for disposing of unwanted, broken, or obsolete computers, laptops, cell phones, television sets, monitors and other electronic equipment, it can be difficult to use. In providing this interactive public service website, we offer a way to locate your local recycling centers quickly and efficiently. Protecting the environment and turning unwanted high-tech equipment into a valuable resource through recycling is our goal. Using the interactive maps and local directories presented here, you’ll be able to locate facilities that are dedicated to handling these items properly.

Facts about Electronics Recycling Today

Reducing Environmental Pollution from E-Waste Benefits Everyone

High-tech electronic products contain a wide range of materials, some of which are highly toxic and harmful to humans and the environment. Metals like mercury, cadmium, lead, and mercury can escape into our rivers and groundwater, where they are almost impossible to remove. Toxic PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) and other chemical compounds are also found in today’s electronic equipment. Improper disposal can lead to long-term pollution that threatens our own health and wildlife. With proper recycling, such toxic materials can be recovered and reused, rather than becoming a danger to our future. For example, as much as 4-8 pounds of lead is found in a CRT computer monitor or television set. Cobalt, lithium, and other materials are found in the batteries in cell phones, laptops and tablet devices. All of these can be recovered for reuse.

Proper disposal and recycling of computers, peripherals, and consumer electronics is a powerful job creator in communities throughout the United States. From employees of organizations and companies involved in these efforts to new jobs in industries that benefit from the lower cost of recycled materials, California gains thousands of jobs. In addition, consumers benefit from lower prices on U.S. made products and efficient, cost-effective ways to properly dispose of obsolete, broken, and unneeded equipment.

Make Maximum Use of California’s High-Tech Recycling Services

California residents, like people all across the United States, often have multiple computers, tablets, cell phones and other electronics products that are no longer in use. Often, they are simply stored in closets, garages, and elsewhere due to people not knowing how to property dispose of or recycle them. In every community and county throughout the state, facilities exist to help Californians deal with this dilemma. So, use this website to find a computer and electronics recycling center near you and start de-cluttering your home in an environmentally safe way. You’ll benefit in many ways.

Offered as a public service, this website is designed to make it easy for anyone in California to locate nearby recycling centers. Use our interactive maps and city and county listings to locate your nearest location. Some facilities accept items at no charge, while other charge modest fees for your electronic and computer items. Recycling centers have varying hours and days when they are open. Call or contact the facility to get the details before you load up your unwanted devices.