California Computer Recycling

Donate Your Old Computers and Electronics

Computers, cell phones, laptops and many other electronic consumer items are often put aside, even though they are still functional. Our California Computer Recycling directory gives you a multitude of nearby recycling companies and organizations to help you clear out your accumulation of un-needed equipment. Before you load up those old items and take them to the recycling center, though, stop and consider whether there’s a way they can be returned to useful service in another setting. Californians, like everyone else, would rather repurpose than recycle and reuse rather than discard useful items. Here are some ways you can give your old electronics a new lease on life:

Reusing Older Computers through Donation Has Great Benefits

At California Computer Recycling, we want to help people find the best possible ways to deal with older computers and peripherals. We know that donating old computer hardware isn’t always possible or practical, but in many cases, it’s a terrific way to extend the usefulness of desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and even cell phones. We encourage everyone to consider donation of unwanted devices as an alternative to recycling or disposal.