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California Consumer Electronics Recycling Services

Computers are not the only electronic devices that are covered under California’s Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003. A wide range of consumer items is also prohibited from disposal in the state’s landfills, and for the same reasons. All contain hazardous materials that need to be prevented from entering the environment. They also contain valuable metals and other resources that should be recycled and reused. Keeping lead, mercury and chromium out of our groundwater and recovering gold, silver, copper and rare earth elements are strong reasons for Californians to properly dispose of unwanted e-waste. Some of the products accepted by facilities listed on the California Computer Recycling website include:

Keep Electronic Waste out of the Environment – California Recycles!

It’s not just a good idea to properly deal with unwanted, broken, and obsolete electronic equipment; it’s the law. Not every recycling company or organization on our website accepts all types of e-waste. Before loading up your car or truck, be sure to contact your local electronics recycling center to inquire about the items you have. If a nearby recycling center you contact doesn’t accept some items, they’ll recommend another facility nearby. De-clutter your own environment and recycle properly and you’ll be helping protect the overall natural environment.