California Computer Recycling

About California Computer Electronics Recycling and Disposal

Ever since California made it illegal in 2003 for residents and businesses to dispose of computers, laptops, cell phones and consumer electronics equipment in landfills, Californians have struggled to find the best ways to get rid of unwanted items. With increased awareness of the risks of environmental damage and waste from improperly handled computers, CRT monitors and televisions, cell phones, tablet computers and a wide range of other electronic equipment, many consumers and small businesses have just stored these in hopes of finding a solution. CalRecycle, a government organization in the state does have a website that can help people find recycling centers, but it can be difficult to use, and lacks interactive features that help Californians quickly locate collection centers for proper disposal.

In 2013, Computer Lifeline, a Minnesota-based IT service company, created an interactive website that made it easy for Minnesotans to locate high-tech recycling centers. Soon, another website for Wisconsin was added. Now, Californians also have access to the same easy-to-use, map-based interactive recycling services locator. In just minutes, you can find the nearest computer and electronic recycling center to you, and get contact information and directions to help you, wherever you live in the Golden State.

How Our California Computer & Electronics Recycling Website Works

We appreciate your visit to our website. You can use its interactive maps and city and county directories to find the recycling services you need. Some of these facilities may be operated by your local government organizations, while others are commercial or non-profit enterprises. In many cases, there is no charge for accepting computer and electronic equipment for recycling. In other cases, a nominal fee is required for handling your items. In every case, though, this website will help you find recycling centers and service near your home or business, quickly and efficiently.

All information on this website comes from a variety of sources. In many cases, it is provided by the organizations and businesses listed. We update the website frequently and try to keep all information current, but we strongly recommend that you contact recycling centers directly before taking items to it for recycling. Computer Lifeline is not a recycling service. All of the information we have on your local recycling services is listed on this website. If you need additional information, please contact companies or organizations directly.

How You Can Support California Computer Recycling

Computer Lifeline doesn’t require any recycling center or organization to pay a fee in order to be listed on this website. We have no business affiliation with any company listed on these pages. Our website was created as a public service to help California consumers and businesses locate the electronics recycling facilities they need. We do accept contributions to help us provide accurate, current information and to keep this website online. All donated funds are used only for those purposes. If you would like to make a donation of any size, please click the “Donate Now” button on this page. Thank you for visiting our website and for disposing of unwanted electronic and computer items properly.