California Computer Recycling

Toxic Materials in Electronic Devices Are a Real Threat

From desktop PCs, laptops, notebooks and handheld tablet computers to smart phones, GPS receivers and a wide range of other consumer and business electronic devices, most consumers are surprised to learn about all of the hazardous materials they contain. California, like almost all other states, has recognized the danger of depositing these materials in landfills, where the hazardous materials can leach out of the devices and harm the natural environment. Since 2003, California’s Electronic Waste Recycling Act has made it illegal to dispose of such devices in the state’s landfills. Proper disposal, though, is easy, through a broad network of electronics recycling centers throughout the state. This website can help you quickly find a recycling company or organization near you to make it easy to dispose of your unwanted electronics equipment safely. Some of the hazardous materials that may be part of any electronic device include:

Keep Our Environment Safe through Proper Electronics Disposal

Today’s home and work environments contain a multitude of electronic equipment. Each year, some of it becomes obsolete, breaks, or is replaced by more current devices. Since it is illegal to dump these devices in California landfills, many Californians are not sure what to do with unwanted equipment. Our California Computer Recycling website is designed to make it easy for you to find recycling centers for this e-waste close to your home or place of business. We encourage you to use this resource to find qualified recycling companies and organizations that can take your unwanted electronics and recycle and dispose of them safely.