California Computer Recycling

California’s Landfills Are Not the Solution for Electronic Waste

When California’s Electronic Waste Recycling Act was passed in 2003, it was based on a recognition that a new way to handle the growing load of obsolete, unwanted, and broken computers, television sets, entertainment systems, cell phones and a wide range of other electronics devices was needed. With landfills increasingly filling up and environmental concerns on everyone’s minds, it was clear that this electronic and technology waste needed to be handled in a different way. California has led the way in the United States in recycling of all waste materials generated by society and is leading the way in electronics recycling, too. California residents are aware of the need to recover the valuable materials in these devices and to keep harmful materials out of the environment.

Computer & Electronic Recycling Facilities Are Everywhere

Since 2003, an extensive network of recycling centers specifically designed for computer and electronics process has grown throughout California. Today, wherever you live in the Golden State, you’ll find a company or organization in your own community that is ready to accept any computer, consumer device, cell phone or other electronic equipment. They will process it for recycling and keep it out of the local landfill for you. You can use the interactive tools on this website to locate nearby facilities and get rid of your accumulating pile of outmoded or unusable electronics equipment.

Identifying the Right Computer and Electronic Recycler for Your Needs

In some cases, retail outlets that sell electronic equipment accept old devices for recycling. In other cases, dedicated recycling companies are available. Not all facilities can accept all types of devices, but all can help you find resources for proper disposal of the devices you have on hand. We suggest that you always contact a facility to get their days and hours of operation and ask if they accept the devices you want to recycle. In some cases, devices are accepted at no charge to you, while other devices may require the payment of a nominal handling fee.

You can take your items to these recycling centers yourself and know that they will be handled properly. If you have large quantities of items, or are unable to deliver them to the facility, you may be able to arrange for a pickup. You can also contact your local trash or recycling hauler. Most will pick up electronic equipment for a fee and take it to an appropriate recycling center.

Don’t Forget the Option of Donating Functioning Computers & Electronics

For computers, cell phones, tablets and other devices, if your equipment is in good working order, there is probably someone who could make excellent use of it. Even if it no longer suits your needs, donating these devices is a great way to extend their life and to benefit others who may not have the means to purchase them. You can maximize the value of your unwanted devices.

Recycle, Reuse and Recover – All of California Benefits

One of the primary goals of this website is to help California residents and businesses properly dispose of unwanted computers and other e-waste while protecting the environment and benefiting society. By making it easy to find resources, we know that our website simplifies the process of safe, economical, and environmentally sound handling of unwanted, obsolete and broken technological devices. Offered as a public service to California, our recycling website is dedicated to the common good. If you’d like to help us improve and maintain this website while we expand into other states, we welcome your contributions in any amount. You can learn more about ways to support California Computer Recycling.