California Computer Recycling

Recovering Precious Metals from Computers and Electronics Equipment in California

Today’s desktop, portable and handheld computer and digital equipment, along with a wide variety of consumer electronics devices, are complex. Containing hundreds of components, they also contain precious and valuable metals. Even these metals occur in very small quantities in most devices, they are wasted if proper recycling operations don’t recover them. That waste becomes clear when you realize that over 320 tons of gold and 7,500 tons of silver go into manufacturing electronic products every year. Recovering the value of that gold and silver, along with other valuable metals, through proper recycling has become a global business. We are literally mining our e-waste and re-using those metals. It is estimated that it costs up to 75% less energy to recover metals through recycling than through mining the ores that contain them. This recovery process occurs both in the United States and overseas, and creates jobs and improves local economies, while saving energy and reducing the need for extensive and destructive mining operations. Some of the metals recovered from computers and other electronic devices include:

Recycling Computers and Technology Is Good Business in California

Recovering valuable resources from discarded and obsolete computer equipment, handheld devices, and consumer electronics equipment is a growing industry. As new techniques are developed to reclaim and reuse metals and other materials, new jobs are created. A thriving economy has grown around this industry. By taking your old hardware, peripherals, and other electronics devices to one of the recycling companies listed on our website, you’ll be contributing to American jobs and protecting California’s natural environment. You’ll also benefit by regaining space in your home or business that is taken up by unwanted and unused items. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.