California Computer Recycling

Recycling Computer and Electronics Hardware in California

As everyone is aware, no other equipment becomes obsolete faster than computers, peripherals and associated equipment. Computer technology continues to advance at an accelerating pace. Each year, available computer equipment operates faster and more efficiently, while prices for new equipment continue to go down. That means that businesses and consumers are quick to put aside older equipment and replace it with the latest products that provide faster operation, more storage capacity and smaller and smaller footprints. The typical time in service for most computers and peripherals is only three or four years. Tens of millions of computers and their associated equipment are taken out of service each year due to obsolescence.

Often, outdated computers and accessories are still in working condition when taken out of service. No longer useful to the consumers and businesses, these retired devices often end up being stored on-site in closets, back rooms, and garages. Since California enacted the Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003, it has been illegal to dispose of computers and other electronic devices in landfills, so consumers and businesses are often unsure about what to do with their obsolete equipment. Proper disposal is important, since most electronics contain toxic materials that should not be released into the environment. In addition, they also contain precious metals and other valuable materials that can be recovered through proper recycling methods.

As one of the most environmentally conscious states in the country, Californians are naturally concerned about toxic materials like lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium and other chemicals that can harm people and animals through improper disposal. Dumping computers, peripherals, televisions, cell phones, tablets and other e-waste in landfills just isn’t safe, since those hazardous materials will eventually leach out and poison California’s precious water supplies and damage the natural environment. Proper handling of these obsolete, broken, or unused devices is crucial.

California E-Waste Recycling – Innovative Solutions for a Difficult Problem

In response to California’s 2003 law, a network of recycling centers has grown in California to help solve the growing problem of electronic waste and to help both consumers and businesses get rid of their unused and unwanted computers and other electronics. At these centers, equipment is sorted, disassembled and processed. Recovering valuable materials like gold, silver, lead, chromium and rare earth minerals is one of the goals. Called “urban mining” by many, recovering materials from discarded electronic equipment is an important source of scarce and valuable materials. Hazardous materials, too, are also present, and electronics recycling centers are equipped to isolate and process those in approved, environmentally safe ways.

In every county in California, and in every larger city, you’ll find these recycling centers in operation. They’re right near you, but you may not even know they exist. That’s the reason for this website. Even though the State of California has a website that lists such recycling and disposal operations, it’s difficult to use for the average consumer. Our website, which you probably found by searching on Google, Yahoo or Bing, lists hundreds of computer and electronic recycling centers in California. Using our interactive maps and county and city directories, you can find recycling centers near you, along with their addresses, phone numbers, and more. To help you properly handle your electronic waste, we’ve made it easy for you.

Join Your Neighbors in Preserving California’s Natural Environment

You can use our website to find local resources for recycling and disposing of your unwanted computers, consumer electronics, and other electronic equipment. Then, gather up all of those dust collectors and de-clutter your home or business environment. There’s a collection center near you. Some of these centers accept materials at no charge, but nominal fees are often charged for many items.

Our directory includes needed information for the computer recycling centers near your location. Contact facilities near you for current details on fees, hours, and days of operation. Some of the recyclers in our listings are only open on specific days, while others are in full-time operation. You may also find special free drop-off days for electronics through local government agencies. Our directory pages include maps to help you locate facilities and turn-by-turn directions are available for most listings.

By disposing of your old computers and other electronic waste properly, you’ll solve two problems. First, you get to clean up your property and get rid of unwanted equipment. Second, you’ll be protecting California’s environment from pollution, creating jobs and recycling valuable materials.