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This California Computer Recycling website is strictly a public service venture, created and maintained by Computer Lifeline, an IT service company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There is never any charge for companies or organizations to be listed in our interactive directory. We have no business affiliation with any company included in our listings and do not solicit any affiliations. We have created this new website for California’s computer and electronics recycling needs based on the overwhelming response to our Minnesota and Wisconsin websites. Our future plans include creating additional websites to serve many other states, giving residents in as many states as possible access to our map and directory-based directories. Our goal is to promote environmentally safe disposal and recycling of computers and all other electronic devices. Keeping these materials out of landfills, reusing the materials in them and recovering valuable raw materials is important to all of America and to our economy.

Creating, hosting and maintaining these websites results isn’t free for us, of course. Since we never charge companies or organizations for listings in our directory on any of our websites, we rely on the generous donations of visitors and corporations to help defray our costs. Many of our visitors have asked us how they can help us maintain and expand these interactive websites. We are always happy to receive donations of any size. We use all donated funds only for actual costs for hosting, maintenance, and expansion of our websites in new states. We accept donations through PayPal, and anyone can donate through PayPal using any major credit or debit card. There is no requirement to sign up with PayPal to donate. Click the “Donate Now” button on this page to make a non-tax-deductible donation of any size. If you are a PayPal member, you can also donate directly to on the PayPal website.

How Your Business Can Sponsor California Computer Recycling

Our California computer and electronics website never charges organizations or businesses to be included in our interactive directories. If your business or organization is not already listed with us, we encourage you to contact us and to supply your information for addition to the listings. If you have updated information for an existing listing, we will update your information right away. If you’d like to support this website financially, we always appreciate donations from businesses and organizations that recycle and properly dispose of computers and all other electronic products. All donations are used for hosting, maintenance and expansion of our websites only. Our computer recycling websites are provided as a free public service. To recognize reasonable donations from computer recycling facilities, we are happy to do the following:

Disclaimer: A donation to Computer Lifeline does not create a business relationship between Computer Lifeline and the donor. Computer Lifeline is not a non-profit organization and donations are not tax-deductible.