California Computer Recycling

Recycle Old Cell Phones and Tablet Devices in California

Cell phones and tablet computers are rapidly becoming the computer technologies most used by almost everyone. From the latest iPad or Android smart phone to older versions of the same devices, we all own and use these powerful, but portable devices on a daily basis. And, like desktop PCs, laptops and notebooks, cell phones and tablets are soon obsolete and get replaced frequently. In many homes and businesses, older versions get put into drawers and forgotten about as soon as the latest model appears. Also like other computers and electronic devices, smart phones and tablets should not be sent to landfills.

Containing the same hazardous materials and valuable metals, along with sophisticated lithium batteries, proper disposal and recycling is essential for every cell phone and tablet device. Properly recycled, many of the valuable materials can be recovered while toxic components are properly handled. Many of the computer recycling companies listed in our California Computer Recycling directory are happy to accept these smaller electronic devices and will properly deal with them. Wherever you are located, you’ll find a recycling organization or company to help you get rid of old devices you no longer need. Here are good options for clearing out the unwanted electronic clutter of out-of-date and unused cell phones, tablet computers, e-readers, and other handheld devices:

Simplify Your Life by Properly Disposing of Handheld Devices

If you’re like most Californians, you have a small collection of cell phones, tablets, e-readers and other small electronic devices. While they once were important to you, you’ve replaced them with updated models and put the old ones away somewhere. Dig out those old devices and donate, sell, or recycle them. You’ll streamline your life and benefit others, along with keeping our landfills clear of materials that can harm the environment. At California Computer Recycling, we’re here to help you find the best possible ways to deal with out-of-date and unused electronic equipment.